People say that your body type does not change, and I used to believe it.

Yet, I've been dressing some of my clients for 12 years, and their body types have definitely changed over time. Some of them changed the silhouettes of their bodies with weight loss/weight gain/weight lifting, whereas others morphed into a different body type at a similar weight as they got older.

I've seen:

  • Pear shaped body types become apple shaped at the same weight. (This was the most extreme body type change).
  • Pear shapes become hourglasses, and hourglasses become pear shaped.
  • Rectangles become hourglasses, and hourglasses become rectangles.
  • Rectangles become apple shaped, and apple shapes become rectangles.
  • Hourglasses become rectangles, and rectangles become hourglasses.
  • Weight lifting has made some rectangles and hourglasses inverted triangles due to increased shoulder and bicep mass.

Over to you. Have you noticed your body type change over time?