The feeling is mutual, Shannon!

And here I found a link suggesting that all face shapes can adapt a pixie:

And this link suggesting that a close crop looks BEST on longer, slimmer faces:

So obviously, it's all in the eye of the beholder!

Ok, first off, thank you, Diana. I was puzzling over the 5.5 cm, until my eyes brushed your post! LOL

Second, you definitely rock your cut, Suz.

I think Frieda is mistaken. I think there maybe is something to where the visual weight of your face lies and the success you'll have with a pixie, but the vertical drop between earlobe to chin isn't *the* factor in determining where that visual weight is.

But he's a hair dude, not a biometrician. So we gotta cut him some slack...

...I'm reminded of my Infamous Ex-Boss. Who often came up with right answers, but oy vey! His explanations of how he figured things out! Let me just say that his brain did not inform him of its doings.

Rachylou, that is both hilarious and SO true. Sometimes people are right, in a way....but their reasoning is completely wonky. Or they're right that something is up, but totally wrong about what it is!

Bumping for Angie! Would love to know her thoughts on this. Weren't rules meant to be broken?

I read the linked post to say that the distance in question is the vertical drop from ear lobe to chin. Like if you drew a line straight down from your ear lobe until it crosses a pencil held horizontally against the point of your chin. Then measure the vertical line. Anyone else read it that way?

ETA: On me, it's 2.5 inches.

I think you're correct, Tamara - that is how to measure it.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if they call them rules, and IN MY OPINION, you look FABulous in your pixie. Don't give it another thought.

I have worn a pixie cut most of my life. (well, except for my 'hippie' days) but now find that my longer hair looks better. My face has dropped and the jowels and the excess chin just do not look right to me. This is a very interesting thread, though.

I don't buy this rule: how can you just state the length without taking into the account overall size of your face and head? I would be more inclined to consider it if it was a proportional thing - like 1/3 of the overall face length or something. Just plain 5.5 cm do not cut it for me.
As for you Suz - you know you rock the pixie. It completely changed your style and even your attitude I think: added more spunk Wear it with pride and don't look at the rules!
I like my short hair even though I don't have delicate features or slim build. It may not suit me by those rules but honestly I don't care!

Sveta, you definitely suit short hair. In your case, I think your strikingly dramatic features make it ideal for you.

In this fun link, they show women of different ages wearing it and befores and afters of several who took the plunge. Interestingly, the cuts were done by the Frieda salon, and some of the women appear to be longer than 5.5 cm from earlobe to chin - and they look great! I think it looks especially amazing on the older women they've made over. You also see the variety possible with the cut.

Suz, you look FANTASTIC! This cut suits your face shape no matter what the so called specialists say!
I can't believe I was surfing the net this morning in search of pixie cut images to show my hairdresser whom I am meeting in an hour, and THIS VERY THREAD came in first! Suz to the rescue! I am bringing her your pic.

I'm with Zap and RoseandJoan -- I think the most important attribute in order to successfuly rock a pixie is lovely bone structure and not too much fat on the face, as well as a nice long neck -- which criteria you meet in spades, Suz! I could NEVER pull it off because I have no neck and my face tends towards puffiness.

i think personality has a lot to do with haircut as well. my personality does not mesh with a pixie. suz, i think your pixie is wonderful.

I haven't read all the responses, so forgive me if I am repeating what's already been said.
First of all, you ROCK your pixie, Suz, so don't give it one more ounce of your gorgeous energy thinking about.
Secondly, Imogen does mention in her post the factors of delicate features, large eyes and or significant smile contributing to the success of a pixie. And I'm not sure she's indicating that Frieda is stating the 5.5 cm as the end all either. What she wrote in her post was....
"According to John Frieda, hairdresser to the stars, a measurement of 5.5cm or less from the base of the ear to the bottom of the chin is important, this is because it makes you look less jaw heavy (a more ‘masculine’ trait). So in general, shorter face shapes (square and round) find it easier to carry off shorter hair."

I really don't read this as a rule, but a general guideline. You definitely have the features to pull off your pixie Suz. Rock on!

I have had a hectic few days, so my apology for coming into this discussion late, Suz.

(FWIW, my so called measurement is 5.25 cm).

YES!! I was the one that strongly suggested that you cut off your hair again. Truly, Suz, never grow your hair out to anything that is not short. I am with your sweet Mum 100%. You undeniably rock a pixie.

There are MANY variables as to why I think a pixie works and most of them have been covered already. I also have very strong feelings about when long hair works. Both styles are extreme, which is why they attract attention.

This very discussion confirms that style is art and *not* science. I trust my eyeballs much more than a measuring tape. We are walking works of art full of lines, curves, colours and textures that play off each other. Finding harmony between them cannot be bottled down to measurements, but to how they effect one another as a whole.

Thank you, Angie! That is a lovely explanation. I had a hunch that a good stylist like you would rely on hunch, LOL! That's a very good point about very long and very short hair both attracting attention. A person has to be comfortable with that to wear either style well.

I found it so interesting that several of the women in the UK link had longer faces, yet looked wonderful in shorter hair. I also know some YLF members with rounder or fuller faces who look wonderful in short hair (Ana comes to mind). So it must have to do with many variables and not just one. Thank heavens we have that sorted!