Particularly if Taylor or Renata feel like chiming in, thank you in advance !

The story:l I had my dark blond super curly hair highlighted first of May. The highlights were basically not noticeable but not bad at all so I called to see if the stylist could touch it up (her offer as it was my first time going to her and she wanted to play it safe) and so I headed back in for what I thought would be a couple extra highlights, particularly around my face.

She basically foiled my entire top of my head - I'd say about 15 or 20. I suggested she was probably doing too many, that I was only wanting about 4 more total but she said 'no problem'. I did not object further b/c her first set she had done previously were so tiny and thin that I figured it would be the same.

Not so much - when she washed my hair and we were seated at the mirror, I saw a bright orange head. She saw it too and we immediately went to the sink to tone it. THREE toners later and it was still much too brassy for my liking. However, SICK of being there and not sure what else we could do, I went home.

2 weeks later I called back. I have tried to live with it but it really is so far from what our original plan was that even the guy that answered the phone remembered and said 'yes, it was a little warm' when I called a few days ago.

Tomorrow, I'm set to go back in for a THIRD time - but with a different stylist - supposedly a senior stylist who teaches color. I'm not really sure what she can do and I can't take too much more chemical processing. I'm thinking maybe a few low lights and a toner?

I guess what I am getting at is do I want to even bother? Or should I just ask for my money back and live with orange-ish hair for a few months?

Thank you in advance for any advice!