Hello! New here! I'm 60-plus and am invited to an island destination wedding. My ongoing challenge is my feet. Very limiting. Super narrow heels and a bunion! It's a 5 pm midweek wedding. Supposedly anything goes...but...does it? I do have a pair of very casual metallic flat sandals that I wore to a wedding without suffering last summer. So I'd like to wear those. But what kind of dress? I'm a bit of a pear, but I do have a waist. 5'4, about 125, puny shoulders. I wear a 4 or 6 in a dress. And I can't bear to be hot. That said, it's supposedly quite windy at this destination, so it can't be something I'm going to have to keep tamping down in wind. I'd rather not spend a fortune--ideally $200 or less. With these sandals, I think I need to wear pants or long dress. But I def do NOT want to go the formal gown route. Grateful for any and all suggestions! TIA!