Alright , it seems that I am lacking in the apocalyptic preparedness gene some of you have ( ahem , Angie ) . Between R and I , we are in the store at least twice a week getting groceries and supplies . I don’t stock up on much because I don’t have the room (or a separate freezer ) - so is that the simple reason many of you can manage not to shop for 2 weeks at a time ? I’m always needing tinned tomatoes, chicken broth, produce , some kind of milk , dairy or non-dairy subs , bread or gluten free subs , coffee , a roasted chicken etc etc etc . And then some recipe will call for something I don’t have ( more peanut or almond butter , more coconut milk , cilantro etc) and out I go again . There is nothing pleasurable about grocery shopping right now , but I need some help , people ! Are you all meal- planning for a couple of weeks out ? Also - stores are prohibiting the purchase of more than one package of toilet paper , Kleenex or paper towel at a time , same with packages of chicken or ground beef . So - we need those replaced too .