I VERY expectedly bought these pants at Anthropologie with hubs Greg yesterday. I saw them in the window, and had to try them on. The colour, silhouette, brand, message, and fabric was compelling. It was love at first sight.

I am building the solid components of my wardrobe and this counts. I am into faux leather jackets and furniture - why not pants!

I was wearing an orange jumper, scarf and bag at the time, so the outfit in the dressing room pic created a perfectly matching column of colour! Completely accidental dressing room luck.

They are VERY comfy and warm, and so far, no breathability issues. A perfect fit, and I love them. Greg gave them a big thumbs up! I will wear them for Thanksgiving with a smile

They come in mustard:


....and in other silhouettes. This link shows the variety:


I will wear them with the reds, pinks, oranges, whites, and blues of my wardrobe. No shortage of outfits!

In case you're looking for great faux leather pants that are machine-washable - these are an option.