RobinF Thanks! I read many gray hair transition stories and many women echoed what you said about wishing they had rather left their grow out alone and not tried to lighten it or color it during the transition period, hence I decided to go cold turkey.
Ophelia those transition stories on the internet have definitely kept me going. I always love the end results. So interesting and probably true about hair dye becoming widely available in the 50's and how it has influenced certain generations more than others. I love your analogy of the calico cat - that is exactly how I see myself. Fortunately I love cats

FashIntern Thanks for sharing that throwback pic! As I understand it hair strands become colorless and then pick up color from the other hairs around it. So the more colorless strands you have the more lighter your hair will look. Example, if hair has turned completely white it means all the strands are colorless. Mine looks silver because there are still a few dark brown strands that are reflecting and making the colorless strands look silver. In the future I guess I will have full on white hair, which I am looking forward to. Probably why natural blondes don't go silver and dark brunettes do. Very interesting about you and your sisters all having different shades of hair now and before.

Thanks for that explanation!

What Angie said! Totally Deborah Harry

Aaah Rachylou, Debbie Harry always has been one of my favourite Rock Chicks, you just made my week

You “new” hair looks gorgeous! I went cold turkey myself back in 2014. I had less grey hair than you at the time so it was noticeable but not dramatic. I never looked back! I love my unique color and sure you will enjoy yours.

Looks great ! Kudos to the self cut too I'm going cold turkey too. Not loving it as I'm used to seeing myself with more vibrant and lighter hair, but I'm committed to not going back. My stylist - also a super close friend - reminded me that at our age, colouring was doing more damage than anything .

Irina Thank you! Good to hear of another who is happy with their natural, unique colour.
LisaP Thank you too! I actually surprised myself that the self-cut turned out quite well. My hairdresser is ill and once I know what I want to do I am reluctant to wait - this applies to all areas of my life. So true about hair damage. As I commented to Janet my natural hair is more soft. In my case it was just Enough Already with the dye. Hang in there, it definitely is an adjustment to see ones self without a vibrant dye but eventually your eyes adjust and the pros outweigh the cons. Keeping a cut that you find flattering now is vital, I think. Also a tweak in make up colour and clothes colour, particular near the face, can make a difference in bringing vibrancy that is now missing from the hair colour.

Hi Star it looks great. You might need to change the hair colour in your profile from “brown”!
Interesting thought about the vibrancy near the face. I still wear vibrant colours in summer especially but in winter I now wear a lot of monochrome, I find black and white combinations and patterns look good with my salt and pepper hair!
I do try to keep it cut well, it makes it feel more intentional to me and I get compliments every new cut ( which I do enjoy )

JenniNZ Thank you! I am also drawn to monochromatic looks more lately. Believe it or not particularly to light grey, which I have never worn much of. You would think it would be a No Go but I really like the effect with my silver hair. Ha yes I will change my profile info