Those are lovely. I've got these at the moment and am getting lots of wear out of them. They have biker detailing without the bulk of pockets.

I want to try these. My old olive utility pants are looking very worn and they are a good change from jeans. The embroidery is a pretty touch.

I am loving your and Tanya's utility pretty outfits. A pair of olive utility pants is on my list for spring / summer as I can see this being a look that I could wear for effectively 9 months of the year. The embroidery on your pants is gorgeous.

These are killer and would wear them in a heartbeat.

Go Team Utility Pants. WOOOHOOO.

Sorry to be brief, ladies. Out of town for another 8 days. PLEASE try them. It's hard to find cute casual pants that are NOT jeans/leggings/joggers/shorts - and these fit the bill.

YAY, Tanya. Your Utility Pretty outfit is KILLER, and how fun that our styles are aligning again. Both the blouse with the balloon sleeves and the pants are top picks - this frock too. I ALMOST came home with the frock because I'm in 100 degree heat right now! But know that once I'm back in Seattle - it would be returned. Try on the stuff asap. WHBM is looking fab right now.

love these....may need to try the gray....

got this pair at the start of summer and i've been wearing the heck out of them....

and to your point-they look so much different, and better on

kkards, WHBM makes quite nice pants. Yours look fab.

Sharan, you crack me up.

Thank you very much, Angie! *blushing*.

I saw that dress too, it was very pretty, much better looking IRL than on screen. It also goes on my "to try" list, especially since I need more dresses for work. I might get some time next weekend to try stuff on, right now I am swamped with everything I have to do.

Keep us posted, sweet Tanya, and good luck. Much love to you always, Little Style Sis.

We're going to Park City tomorrow, and I'm going to wear the new pants. Go Team Wear.

I popped in my store to check these out. Not in stock yet, but I will keep my eyes open.

I really like the idea of utility pants with tone-on-tone embroidery. It's a nice feminine detail. I have never been in a WHBM, but I am impressed that they offer several specialized cuts. I hope someone gets a street style picture of you in Park City, Angie, because I would like to see what you mean about the fit. They don't look tight on the model to me except for on the lower leg.

Scarlet, I'm wearing the pants for the first time today. They are roomy, AND I sized down to a US00. The bag out a little during the day, which is nice in the heat, actually. This is how I styled them today - (very casual day in Park City):

Thanks for the outfit details, Angie. I can picture how on you it is a charming mix of casual and polish. I actually bought those utility pants today. I sized down as well (2P) because it seemed they would bag out. I also kissed good-bye to a box of jeans that is never going to fit me again and another good load of lovely trousers. I was a little sad because it was things I really loved, but thank goodness I have several new pairs of pants now going forward into fall

I can't believe how much I like these! I hadn't been in WHBM for quite a while but stopped in today. Well, these pants came home with me! My first thought was gray but decided to go with something different so I got the olive; the embroidery is really pretty.

I'm excited to have another option for casual pants.

Thanks, Angie!

My favorite pants of the pre-trip summer are a pair of Current/Elliot aviator style pants that have a similar vibe. Love them with pink!

I love these! I need some too lol

Yay, Susie. Thanks for the validation. LOVE these casual pants in very casual settings.

You're a honey-pie, Cheryl.

Jaime, I want to see your aviator pants.

Angie, I hope you'll post a pic of yourself in the pants, to show how they should actually fit.

Cute above cute.

I found one more pair of utility pretty pants and decided to try them (ordered online). These are KUT and 98% cotton so I'm hoping they feel good. They are not as dark as the others (and I wish they were darker) but I'll have to wait to see them in person.

Fahiontern, Scarlet kindly did just that.

Tex, they look quite tight and skinny in the pic. Not roomy and crisp. I'm very curious to see how they fit. Keep us posted.

And I was *just* about to order the Caslon chinos...
I think I like yours better.

I got something very similar at WHBM last year in black and blush. A very flattering fit. Angie, question. Do you see these as summer pants for you, or will you wear them into cooler weather?

Angie - I do hope they aren't "skinny" in the size I ordered. They are 98% cotton so I had higher hopes, but I won't know until I can try them on. Maybe I will order the WHBM for comparison.

I like these pants. I didn't realize fitted utility pants existed. I think these may be a better choice for me than chinos which don't work great on my curves.

Kiki, absolutely Summer pants for me. Wore them in 100 degrees. Can wear them as cool as 75 too.

Jeanie, these are not very fitted. They are quite relaxed.

Tex, I hope they aren't skinny either,

Love this direction for you, @Angie! And I think Utility Pretty could be great for MOTGs, too.