So, I have been perusing lots of gold watches, and I keep coming back to this one again and again.

It is outside my budget, but I am patient and could stalk it should it ever go on sale. Not sure if this brand ever goes on sale. I have no idea how "good" a brand Movado is. I had been trying to find a Seiko as YLF had said that was a good one.

Here is my second favorite (you can see it is quite similar to the first). and well within my budget.

Not sure why I like the chronograph look as I doubt I will ever use it!

This was my favorite of the Siekos. Only thing I wasn't as happy with was the Swarovski crystals.

I am also so unsure of size. These all look BIG!

I will probably keep this for a long, long time and will wear close to daily as I don't currently own a watch (been using my phone forever). So I am trying to choose wisely.