Hi All

Just checking in on my goals:

Purchase less pieces - not successful

I have added 21 to date, which indicates I won't achieve under 25 for the year which was my aim. This includes gear and I have been active on the gear shopping front as well as adding both essentials and statements. I have made one mistake and there are few things that are yet to be tested as they were added out of season.

Update some workhorses- mostly successful

  • black joggers - my first replacement were a fail (too short) and have been sold and I have another replacement pair.
  • puffer or similar in a more modern shape- I ended up getting a puffer vest for work
  • updated denim(1-2) at least one being good for work - added in two pairs of wide leg trousers.
  • new merino gear top - have added three new merinos for activewear (there is some crossover into my everyday wardrobe too)
  • couple pieces of activewear (added two pairs of shoes, leggings and a sweatshirt)
  • tan slouchy handbag -(big success)

In addition I have added

  • two midi dresses
  • one midi skirt
  • two blazers (both second hand) - very happy with both of these
  • two shirts - one white and one black
  • eva birkenstocks
  • cream sandals (yet to wear as purchased out of season)

Define my colour palette better

Lots of black, white/cream , blush and lilac this year. More black than I intended but for work this is practical and helps me run a lean closet. I prefer black to navy at the moment.

Keep enjoying my wardrobe

That is happening. A few recent additions have made things feel fresh again. I have tweaked my winter style a bit this year - less scarves being the main change.

I edit all the time and due to a need to get into our high storage I have edited out some spring and summer pieces in advance. I will add the finds I have removed in the next comment. I seem to be off stripes at the moment - but that could change as I have worn out three striped pieces!!

Thanks in advance!