I can feel my anxiety level rising . I have a very important work trip coming up in less than 2 weeks, for which I have been unsuccessfully shopping the past 2 weeks. And I should know enough to STOP when I get this panicky, because I end up buying a bunch of stuff I neither need nor particularly like. For a number of reasons that I won't bother you with, I have NO work pants - trousers- at the moment. None. All I have accumulated over the past 4 years is a collection of cheaper , mediocre pants that are place-holders, and they never get worn.

This work trip requires me being on my feet for long days, and casual is not an option. I have ponte and one nice pair of faux leather pants I can wear, but I really, really want a pair of fantastic trousers. No flimsy poly, no rayon blends, hopefully a cool wool, with some stretch. Beautiful tailoring, seaming, interesting zippers, whatever. I can find the mediocre stuff here all by myself, it seems, but cannot come up with something interesting and a cut-above . Know what I mean? What do you all wear to work? I'm interested in brand names and style names - and WHY they work for you. Typically, BR and JCrew don't fit me - although I'm not sure what it is about them that doesn't work. I suspect their fit ideal is a very slim straight figure, which I am decidedly not. I will spend the money on higher priced bridge brands like Theory and Vince , but they are hard to find here and thus trying on just to see what they are like is not always possible. Before I order, I'd love to hear what you wear and which brands are worth spending on . I have a pair here in finds from Nordstrom that look promising , but are their house brand and sized in S,M, and L. Hard to know.

Please talk me off the ledge