I have a few items in my wardrobe that I classify as fashion mistakes. I would not buy them again, but they are in good condition, just not my current preference.

I admire Brooklyn's creativity to repurpose items that are not right for her needs and would like to do this myself.

One success I had this winter was this navy knit that had been languishing in my closet for a number of years. The colour, quality and fabrication are all great - the bit that I don't like is the frilled sleeve. I bought it when flutter sleeves were fashionable and decided within a couple of wears that I really did not like the frill and would select other items to wear in preference.

I wanted to buy a new navy sweater this winter and decided that NO - I need to make do with this one. In forcing myself to wear it (and lets face it, I work from home, I don't need to impress anyone), I have found:

  • this knit is perfect for wearing under jackets, I can't see or feel the annoying frill;
  • by wearing the knit more often, it is now familiar and the frill does not irk me as much. I have accepted its faults and now see what I like about the sweater; and
  • I am not precious with this and have found that it goes through the washing machine just fine - which is good because I have another much liked sweater in the same fabric (the green one in finds) that I know I can machine wash without incident.
Whilst this is never going to be a favourite wardrobe item, it is not getting turfed out and replaced. I will keep it and get the wear from it and have learnt my lesson, no flutter sleeves for me.

I would be interested to hear your strategies for getting wear from your unloved wardrobe items.