So stylish - glad you told me what was in that case as it was quite interesting. You must be very proud of his accomplishments!

Congrats to your dashing son.

Congrats on all the accomplishments - the sports and that fab outfit!

What a fantastic look! I am so tired of seeing people wearing pajamas and flip-flops to travel. He looks smashing and at that height, with that outfit.... he must have turned every head as he walked through the airport!

Even bigger - congrats to him on the huge sporting accomplishment. It takes many, many, many hours and so much dedication to get to this point.

Wow that is a huge accomplishment! Congrats and have a wonderful time. He looks very handsome

Wow! So handsome, and very euro looking! He will fit right in over there.

WOW. That is one sharp-dressed man! And obviously hard-working and dedicated as well. Congrats to you both.