In her response to a recent thread, Smittie noted that our posts don't often include our gear, however gear can take up quite a bit of space in our closets and our budgets. I decided to pick up the gauntlet and post my gear wardrobe. There are capsules for: running, biking, swimming, gym/weight training, and yoga, though some items cross over to other capsules. There are also accessories.

#1 race t-shirts, tanks, bottoms (2 X 'bun huggers', 2 X Capri length, 2 X tights, sports bra's
#2 padded bottoms for cycling - 1 tights, 4 X shorts, cycling jerseys X 4, triathlon race suits x 2, bike helmet, cycling gloves X 2
#3 yoga pants X 2, RELAX sweater, warm-up jackets X 3, fleece hat and fleece gloves, swimsuit, silicon swim cap, goggles (all Speedo), Garmin
#4 3 X running shoes (1 for racing), 3 X cycling shoes (1 for cycle fit, 1 cycling specific (ratchet closure) 1 for triathlon (Velcro closure)' flip flops
#5 Speedo bag for hauling around lots of gear, Nike bag for regular gym days, yoga mat with carry strap, lucky water bottle
#6 special occaision bling!
#7 heading to the gym
Not shown - wetsuit, socks, head bands and hair clips

Items range from 20 years to 1 month old. There are no closet orphans-if something doesn't work, it gets tossed pretty quick. I actually tend to get emotionally attached to my gear and have trouble letting go. A 5 year old Speedo bit the dust this summer, and needs to be replaced since I like 2 in rotation, and I need to replace a pair of running shoes. Later this month I'm getting a pair of shoes specific for weight training - they are wedges with stiff heels that pitch you forward for squat manoeuvres. (I'm currently using 2.5 lb plates under my heels.

Very few gear items cross over to regular wear or vice versa. The RELAX sweater is the exception, and the yoga pants sometimes are worn as 'leisure wear'. I will wear gear on my way to the gym, but wear street clothes afterwards (I shower at the gym).

Your idea of gear might be different, based on your pursuits. After years of being DH's 'research assistant' I'm not a fan of hiking and camping, and have retired my field clothes and bug hat! There is no longer a dog to walk, I don't fish, keep bees, perform in a band or ballroom dance (now there's a fun 'gear' capsule).

Please do post about your gear, either here or start your own thread!

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