I read this today and thought it was worth sharing.


I have quite the collection of active wear and gear. I love most of it and having nice kit motivates me. I have Specialist shoes and sports bras and socks and leggings and tops for hot weather and cold. It's well worn and achieves a very low cost per wear, but it is expensive to set your self up... And I am very pro movements that allow people from low socio-economic communities or women who have low body confidence to participate in sports.

Some people wear gear all day after exercising - so by that maybe we could wear "clothes" all day including exercising?

For me the specific footwear and the bra are non negotiable. And if hiking in weather the appropriate gear for the conditions is also a must have. But I could play pickleball in a skirt and blouse, or potentially do my early morning walks in trousers and a sweater?

Interested in other people's thoughts on this - are we being manipulated into a whole lot of kit we don't need?