You all look beautiful!

Thanks, Karie! The shoes are actually denim with a navy patent cap toe & brown belt. (I couldn't resist the denim, though black and tan would be a fantastic combo!)

Happy to see you had a blast!:-)

Love the smiles, gathering, outfits and accessories. You were all bright spots on a dreary day.

You all look great. I love the shocking pink in the mix! I will make it to a YLF shopping day soon!

Such fun, great photos!

What a fun group photo!

Hah! I knew it!! No amount of rain could ever dampen the spirits on a YLF meetup day!!-) The fun, camaraderie, sky-high style quotients, and true friendships trump rain every time!

I absolutely adore these photos, and LOVED seeing all your beautiful coats (an extra treat because we often only get to see what's underneath).

I keep going back to the photos and start to smile again each time I see your radiant faces and beautiful smiles. Happy days!-)

Thank you for posting the pictures Angie, I will treasure my trip to Seattle forever!

Oh, Angie, thanks for posting the photos.

BIG thanks to Aida for organizing. And to Aida, Angie, Ann, Beth, Denise, Gretchen. Kari, Sharan, and Sonda for being such great company!

I'll treasure the weekend as one of my personal 2015 highlights.

What wonderful photos! You all look fabulous. So happy the weather didn't dampen your fun. YLF meet ups always make me smile.

Awesome! I especially love the accessory, specs and bags. Everyone looks fab.

Everyone looks wonderful.

Angie -We should have an East Coast meetup some time in the new year. Maybe NYC again?

SO MUCH FABNESS!!! You all look fab! SO FUN!!!

*waving at my YLF homegirls*

superbe look à toutes

Just now catching up on a lot of posts...this one made me smile, for sure! Goodness gracious it has been SO wet around here of late and this group of fabulous women is SO cheery. Thanks for warming up this rather gloomy day (the winter solstice).

Dressed to kill ladies!