Oh for sure, I bought it at 40% off. It was $90 here, too. Gap pricing is ridiculous at this point. They have promos almost every day. (I don't know if that's as true in Canada?) The exception is jeans, which aren't covered in a lot of their promos and are priced "fairly" to begin with.

Yep - same scenario here. But the store lately looks like a discount garbage heap. Hard to shop in it.

I love it on you! I'm tempted too, but I suspect it wouldn't look nearly so good on me.

Jenn, I think it might look awesome on you? (Though for my own wardrobe I worry it might be something I only wear a few times. We'll see.)

It's lovely on you!

Great find for your style! I think you’ll find a lot of times to wear it.
I love the ride neckline and am a sucker for drapey velvet. May try on. Boxier tops are great for high waisted dressy skirts and pants, though this one might be TOO short for my long torso..

Looks fantastic on you!

Unfrumped, I have quite a long torso for my height (5'4" with 28" inseam down to the floor, if that helps calibrate). But I'm wearing this with my highest rise jeans and I can't tell if it would seem short to me otherwise.

Quietly elegant - such a graceful shape and sumptuous fabric. It looks terrific on you, Greyscale!

Love the whole outfit!

Love the item, and the way you styled it. The highwaisted looser jeans create relaxed and modern proportions. This item would work well over a skirt, as well.

Ha, typical inventory fake- out— said my local Gap had this in stock so I went to try and they did not. Maybe that is best...!

Love the top and your styling.