Thanks for the extra pics. Welcome the new darling into your wardrobe with open arms.

I love how sharp this moto looks, and the print is amazing! So totally you, Rae.

It looks very professional, fits with your galaxy theme. I vote keep.

I'll note tho that I, personally, don't actually see it as a statement piece exactly. Or I see it as a very modest statement piece, everyday wear. That may say something about the wild and woolly environment in which I exist. I don't know.

Remember I am from the conservative midwest and not ultra cool SoCal. So, consider that when I go against the grain here.

I would return. It is fun, but it has a very young and not altogether professional vibe to it. I really feel like your style is too evolved for this piece. I have seen you in a lot of sleek sophisticated pieces with a hint of fun to them (like your kitty flats). This does not have the same vibe to me.

A definite keep!

I was prepared to react more like Thistle, but I rather like it. I think you are maybe the one person who can pull it off! Something about the deeper background tones and your coloring make it work, and the sharp cut. If trying to juxtapose then you'd keep the other outfit elements as high quality and polished as possible, and mostly neutral.

You're selling the muubaa?! Nooooooooooooooooooo...

I haven't really followed this discussion or others' comments. I like this jacket too. But geez, how is it not flashy, if flashy is objectionable? It is an attention-grabber. Again, you do look great in it. But to me it's not subtle.

Never mind--who can exIn these things? It's a beautiful jacket. Enjoy!

We must remember to have fun with fashion. I think this would be easy for you to "dress up" for work and also for wearing in your off hours. Yes, you're a grown up, but you have a rocker-chic, sci-fi-video-gamer-geek side too, don't you!

What a sophisticated and fun way to represent this part of your personality!

(P.S. Daylight pics helped a lot)

Nancy, the Muubaa is literally flashy. It throws a lot of light and sparkle and makes me feel very conspicuous. I really thought about saving it for holidays or about chopping the sleeves to 3/4 length to make the shiny area a little bit smaller... but I feel like that's not something I want to aim for with an expensive piece.

What do you think, is it better to work with the Muubaa instead of the galaxy print?

Can we see the Muubaa and the galaxy moto side by side? I don't think they compare as they are two different aesthetics. I really like both, FWIW.

I vote keep on the galaxy and sell on the Muuba. The Muuba is sophisticated but the rose gold is pretty flashy and so hard to match. The galaxy piece is just pure fun in my opinion. It doesn't have to be a permanent part of your wardrobe. You could just wear it until it doesn't make you happy anymore.

Side by side... but imagine the Muubaa glittering.

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As you know I haven't been around so I have missed a lot of your move towards Classic (it seems you are still on that path?). But to me the galaxy jacket just seems more Rae. Are you more into moto/biker jackets these days? They both have elements of flash to them, but for some reason on you the galaxy print seems less flashy. I can definitely see how you would be more comfortable relegating the rose gold jacket to an event jacket but that seems like a shame. I adore it though, WOW! (Hi Rae! )

I was probably the only one, but I never particularly cared for the Muubaa. The Galaxy print looks fantastic on you, and I very much prefer the cut on it compared to the Muubaa. Seeing them side-by-side makes it even clearer to me; if one of them has to go, it should NOT be that Galaxy print.

Argh. I still think they are just.... different. If you won't wear the Muubaa, there is no point in keeping it. If I could wear that color, I would gladly take it off your hands!

I like both too! No help to you I know!

I love the structure. I love the shoes you paired this jacket with. I am surprised I love this look so much. I know I have not been the biggest fan of galaxy gear but this is too too fabulous.

I am strongly on the side of the galaxy.