Like shedev, I've finished my five-piece wardrobe for the season.

The five pieces I bought were:

1. Free People floral tunic
2. Garnet Hill cashmere wrap sweater
3. Orvis faux fur vest
4. Black Rivet leather jacket
5. Fisher Project (EF) wool poncho

I'm happy with the quality of everything I bought, and I think the 5-piece encouraged me to invest in better fabrics and more luxurious items than I might have otherwise. Of the five, the cashmere wrap sweater has been my most-worn item, hands down.

I did intend to buy a pair of non-black booties as part of my five this season, but I didn't fall in love with anything, so I decided to wait it out.

I also added some basics, and I'm not planning on a shopping fast so there may be a few more basics still to come (although they'll probably be gear and loungewear items). Generally, though, I feel satisfied with what I have.

The basics:
1. Mary Jane slippers (loungewear)
2. black ponte pants (work-at-home "uniform")
3. black button-down (work-at-home "uniform")
4. black wool pullover
5. burgundy cropped trousers