This looks like one of those magic garments that seems to work with EVERYTHING.

It looks like the elastic is actually part of the waist band, can you tell if it’s serged into the band or can you move it inside the casing? If it’s a part of the band it will be a much more involved alteration. Either way, I hope it stays. What a gorgeous piece and it suits your figure so well!

Gorgeous skirt! Nordstrom alterations dept. does amazing things, so I hope they can work their magic on it!

Tina, it's hard to tell, but I think the elastic is just inserted into the waistband fabric -- the fabric itself is stretchy mesh over a stretchy black underlayer, but the elastic fits snugly inside the waistband, probably to prevent it from flipping around (I've had that problem with other elastic waists especially after laundering). It occurred to me that it may be possible to simply replace that whole waistband with a wide black elastic band (like in this photo) -- it would blend in with the skirt since the skirt has so much black in it. But I would consider that more of a last resort even though I don't tuck tops often, since I would prefer to keep the style as intact as possible.

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It's a great skirt! I was tempted to get but the L sold out and they said it ran small. Can't hurt to check with a tailor and see what they recommend.

Suntiger, I ordered the M upon Angie's recommendation that it's TTS. Well, it is, except for the pinchy waistband. I probably could have gotten the L but it's too late now. I'm hoping to get to Nordstrom today.

Update: the Nordstrom tailor assured me this is an easy alteration. So I should have it back in a week with a new, looser waistband! $35 but I get a Nordstrom Note for the same amount so the alteration is essentially free — Woohoo!

That is great news, I think you will get lots of wear from this beautiful skirt. Good to see Nordstrom providing great customer service.

This is good to know... that this IS an easy fix!

Woohoo! Glad they could make it work for you!

Late to this but I was going to say it should be very doable, especially if the elastic isn't sewn to the waist. It is not unusual for me to have to do this because my waist is proportionately large for my size and I hate pinchy elastic!

Glad to hear they are going to do it because it is a gorgeous skirt and I love it on you!

Late to this but just had to chime in and say I'm glad they can do the alternation because the skirt is GORGEOUS.

Great news. That skirt had your name on it. Plays so well with your toppers and accessories, too. Predicting a workhorse has been found.

I'm happy to hear the waistband alteration is easy because the skirt looks great on you. I like all the iterations you show.