Hi YLF friends!

I am a Canadian who needs functional winter footwear. I was too cheap in my college years to invest in any decent winter boots, but finally coughed up the cash 2 years ago, and my Sorels have been a game-changer. Instead of cold, wet, miserable feet, I now have warm, dry . . . and still miserable feet. My boots cut into my heels and make me bleed, and they are very heavy and clunky to walk in. I will keep them for very cold days and shoveling the walk.

So I'm looking for some suggestions before I drop a few hundred more on winter boots. Of course I would like them to look nice, but honestly my biggest priorities are:

- warmth
- waterproof
- comfort (not too stiff to walk in)
- lightweight

So, who loves their winter boots? What are your suggestions? This is my pinboard where I'm gathering ideas, to show you what I've seen so far. Some of these aren't really "pretty" boots, but I haven't seen a lot of pretty winter boots that can hack the cold for under $400.