I have really been enjoying the wider leg pants styles lately- and having much more fun with pants than ever before!

It started with the Indonesian print Liverpool pants I bought last year (could explain my sudden navy additions too).
In spring I added the cargos and linen pants from ON. The blue and white (!) Sarong pants are a brand new addition, found on consignment. They're big on me, but I'll have them altered. I saw similar on Etsy in other colorways I'm considering too. All these I definitely consider transitional, very mild weather pants (55-80 degrees F ).

The cropped pants (teal are shaped like black but couldn't find the right pic) are ok for mild summer days (below 90F /32C degrees). Truly hot weather still requires skirts/dresses!

The harem pants are for sleep lounge, but a nice change from the too low back rise bike shorts I was wearing. As long as our ac's hold out, they're fine! I actually bought 4, but one pair shrank (plus they were a bit tight on the front of the leg) so they'll go in HZ or consign. I tried to stretch them but it only worked so well. From now on I hand wash them!

Anyone else having fun with new-to-you pants shapes?