I have a feeling knitwear is going to be my "fun" category this year. I'm realizing that quality pullovers and cardigans in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures is my chief means of adding variety during the cold half of the year. Cotton knits get on-and-off use all throughout the year, while cashmere and merino see steady use for a solid six months. Both types of sweater earn their keep and then some. I really like the idea of more bold colours and stripes but haven't seen the right ones yet. For whatever reason, it's navy that's been catching my eye lately. I'd gotten a bit tired of navy, but maybe I'm ready to re-embrace it!

I love this thread! I hope your makeup experiments give you Joy, Suntiger. What's great about makeup is that it's easily fixable/ erasable and you can change it up quickly. Also it's a learning opportunity to figure out the new techniques.

I need to mull on this a bit, and I will include it in my goals for the year.

I do tend to have a lot of fun with pattern mixes and proportion play, as a rule, plus some colour. But I might want to play in a slightly different way this year. Stay tuned!