The weather has been sort of spring for a few days, winter for a few - we even had snow a week ago! Anyway, today is back to spring and during these warmer days I've really been enjoying my Madewell Courier style shirts - boxy, sort of A-line, super comfortable and very soft. They suit my tomboy style without being too masculine for my taste. I always wear my hair styled and makeup and jewelry to keep things feeling more polished. I know I should have snapped a pic. I'm also loving the Angie recommended WHBM olive cargos - very comfortable and perfect for my capsule!

I own several more of this style shirt in various colors and patterns so I now have a few capsules featuring them with various bottoms. I find them to be perfect for an easy going "usual" day where I want to wear something better than just a tee on top. My current favorite is the striped because it's soft short sleeved flannel and just the right stripe for me - not high contrast and with some interest.

Just thought I'd share since I haven't had time to post much or do any WIWs lately. It's end of year for me and that means lots of fun paperwork and tax stuff. Yay!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!