Oh my! They were truly waiting for you - I couldn't imagine anything more perfect!

Just beautiful!

Wow - gorgeous. Some things were just meant to be ....

Magnificent !!!

Oh, I love these lucky strikes! They are beautiful and perfect for you. Runcarla's suggestion made me think you also need a white Spider now.

These are exactly as I pictured them in my mind’s eye when you first mentioned them. What a find!

GOOD FOR YOU. This is going to look SO GREAT ON YOU.

They were waiting for you. Absolutely gorgeous and perfect with your pearls.

How perfect! They really are perfect. If it’s not a trade secret would you mind sharing where you found them? I too have a small face and am fascinated that vintage frames are smaller.

Ooo,I love ,you re going to look awesome in Italy in your retro cossies and these.

Way to go! Those are really perfect. When you really like a particular look, it's hard to settle for a modern almost-there. I am also very curious where you found them. I've gotten vintage sunglasses on ebay before, but I have heard there are some specialty places.

Perfect for you Angie! Your hair looks great too

Those are so perfect for you! Can’t wait to see the final product. Aren’t vintage glasses the best? You are right that we small-headed people tend to find better frame options in vintage.

Your hair looks great too!

Those are fantastic, Angie! Wow! How did you happen upon them? They look so beautiful on you.

Hair looks smashing, too!

OMG! They are so cool!!!! Happy Dance!:-)
You say "dark prescpription lenses" are they always dark or getting dark in the sun only? I always have a coating on my normal specs doing so-but still, they are not always enough for a big sun and I always wondered what exactly prescription sunglasses mean?

I have totally got you pictured wearing a silk scarf and blowing down the coastal highway in an open convertible....

THANK YOU SO MUCH. You're lovely as always, ladies.

Chris, Ginger and Suz, I found them on Etsy: Collectable Spectacle. By chance.

Lyn67, I need prescription lenses to correct my eyesight, since I don't wear contacts. I don't like a coating on my regular specs so I need to invest in sunnies with the right lenses.

Umm... to quote you: Killer to the power of KILLER. It's like they were made for you.

These are great! I used to have a pair of white cateye sunglasses but they bit the dust years ago. I looked for another pair but never found any.

Ah! I thought I caught a pearly character in one of the photos. They are so perfect for you.

This pair has your name on it. Angie.

Fantastic - couldn't be more perfect!

Already picturing you in them and your retro dresses in It!! Smashing. Ditto on the head scarf circa 1960's Europe

I really love those frames - and your haircut looks fantastic.

Huzzah! To find something that fits so well on Etsy... incredible! Can’t wait to see them with dark lenses in, worn with your crisp white jeans.

Perfect!! Wow!!!!! Seems a shame to put dark lenses in and hide your gorgeous eyes .

Thank you for the kind compliments. Sooooo NICE.

I'm having busloads of fun putting my coastal capsule together - but of course, I'll wear my stuff as soon as it's the right weather here in Seattle.

SUCH fun! They look terrific on you--and very La Dolce Vita.

Great find. You look like Bonnie Winterbottom, from "How to Get Away with Murder" in those pictures.

Love the specs, love the do, and absolutely second the suggestion for a silk scarf wrapped over head and neck! SO FUN!