What a great beach capsule!

Thanks, ladies.

Christina, why do you have to exhaust your options before looking at Boden? Shipping is free in the US.

Oh, Angie, I buy from Boden all the time. But I do like handling and trying on garments first, and getting ideas from what's in stores, so it's not always not my first port of call. However, when I have a very good idea of what I want, and I know it will have the best offerings in that category, I start there. (Dresses with sleeves.) It depends. "Last resort" was probably a pre-coffee overstatement. I think I meant more along the lines of "fallback."

Very nice! I love the updated retro look, and I bet you look smashing in it.

Thanks, ladies. You are lovely.

Christina, you make me laugh. Good strategy.