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Hi all! I just realized I've been tracking wears for over 2 months now (started Dec 1), so thought it would be fun to see what I can glean from this data. I'm sharing the key learnings first, and then the details below so you can easily skip them if you want

Recognizing that the '30 wears' ideal is somewhat arbitrary, I'm using it since it's as good a benchmark as any to consider whether I'm 'using up' items, which is something I value doing. But as with this whole thing, I'm holding it lightly

Key Learnings:

  • I am most definitely on 'team wear'. I have no issue repeating items, especially pants, shoes, accessories and outerwear. If this two months period is indicative, I am likely to hit at least 30 wears for most pants, outerwear, outerwear accessories, and shoes in about a year; tops in 1 - 2 years. I have very few 'occasional' items.
  • I need and enjoy variety in tops, both from a laundry perspective and a style perspective. Still, 16 tops is evidently more than I really need for a season. I think less tops with more variety would be a good strategy to experiment with.
  • As I've mentioned before, colour, in particular deep red, has been more prominent than I expected. I usually have one key accent per season, and going forward I will experiment with including more of it.
  • Since I tend to repeat pants a lot, having a few pairs that I really love is more important than variety.
  • I need to drop the guilt about replacing outerwear and outerwear accessories every couple of years. I wear the heck out of these pieces so it makes sense they look a little worn (and that I am fed up with them) after a couple of seasons.
  • Overall, my wardrobe has served me well the last 2 months!
  • I will have fun tracking going forward. It will be interesting to see how things change from season to season, and also with the (hopeful!!) loosening up of restrictions later this year.

Feedback, insights, thoughts always welcome! xx Helena


All the details - for those who really love data only haha!!

  • I started out with about 28 items, including clothing, shoes and outerwear, but not including accessories. That number now sits at about 35, with the addition of a few pieces (not all purchases)
  • Additions include: burgundy blondos (new), on the fly pants (new), colourblock cardi (new), plum v-neck (old), plum leggings (old), skinny jeans (old), and I think my brown ribbed BR sweater


    but can't quite recall. The new items are getting worn; the old items filled a one-time need - so really I could have done without them, but why, if they are sitting in my closet? (the plum leggings are an exception - I'm wearing them quite a bit as they are great for active and cleaning days)

  • Only one items is unworn, and that's my navy turtleneck. I think this is because it's too itchy. It's a great piece though if we ever can go to winter festivals and things again, so it will stay as a holding item.
  • Unsurprisingly to me, tops pull in the lowest numbers, given I only wear a top once a laundry cycle generally. Most worn tops were: burgundy cableknit sweater, burgundy t-shirt, and my balloon sleeve ts in both dark pine and black. All has been worn 6 times since tracking, which seems so low to me, but there you go.
  • Six tops got only 1 or 2 wears. One made sense, since it was the lace top which I included for Christmas, but the other were 'essentials' that clearly weren't for this period
  • Pants get much higher numbers since I repeat these during the week. Most worn pants were my button fly jeans with 15 wears. My black ponte leggings and black on-the-fly pants tie for second with 8 wears each. However, I only go the otf pants on Jan 22nd so they are getting worn a lot!
  • Toppers don't get worn a ton; still I'm glad to have a few options I like. My colourblock cardi leads with 5 wears. My black sherpa is more of a house jacket than anything else - loungewear vs. proper wear.
  • I have a very limited outerwear collection, so most of these items are trending to 30+ wears for this period alone, if they are not over it already.
  • All three shoes are getting worn. New favourites are my bugundy blondos, which have gotten 6 wears, which isn't bad given the smartest place I go is Sobey's
  • Accessory-wise, my Pandora hoops have already cruised past 30 wears, and I received them for Christmas. My "H" necklace comes in second at 8 wears.