This is a new to me brand - Inouitoosh from France

I was looking at a local shop and noticed that they had lots of beautiful scarves, this scarf in particular caught my eye because I am looking to "lighten up" this spring / summer and the owls in the pattern match with my Kate Spade Owl Bag.

It is a big scarf, 100cm x 190 cm, which could be worn as a wrap. It is a very lightweight wool. You cannot tell from my finds, but there is light blue on the scarf - as a trim around the edges and the eyes of the birds and one cat! Hopefully the cat does not want to eat the birds.

When I looked online, I was amazed at the beautiful range of scarves that this label has. For anyone that loves Angie's light blue and brown scarf, there were two good alternatives.

Alas Inouitoosh does not ship to Australia, so I can enjoy on others. The range in the boutique I visited was very small (a selection of 3 Inouitoosh scarves), so I was very lucky that my favourite one was available to me.