Jenni, at first I thought "three navy coats" sounded excessive too, but then I looked at my own closet and I have a short navy puffer, a long navy puffer, and a long wool coat that happens to be black but could just as easily be navy (bought at a warehouse sale, no other colour options). Three coats is pretty minimal in a climate with a long cold season, and a person who is strict about colour palette may decide that they want a core outerwear capsule in their very best colour, whatever that may be. Otherwise, you may end up reaching for one particular coat in your preferred colour when it doesn't actually suit the weather or level of formality. I could easily see buying a trench, a puffer, and a wool coat all in navy without it feeling like duplication. They'd all serve different purposes, but having a core palette means they can be interchangeable if needed (e.g. they'll all work with the same shoes, bags, accessories, etc.).

I’m with LaPed. I have a thick, warm puffer, a quilted coat, a wool coat and light weight short puffer - all in black and one warm short puffer in dark turquoise. I wish I didn’t have to but I need more coats for different temperatures during 5 months long Canadian winter. Lisa’s city is even colder than mine

Yes, I did qualify my remark by saying I don’t live with a long Canadian ( or also, is it New England, where you live La P?) winter. And I did like La P’s previous example of not wearing the funeral coat to hike in the woods. Funny word woods, here in NZ we talk about “the bush” as in our native forests.
Hope this is not a thread-jack and sorry Lisap if it is!

No not at all . Sorry , I’m at work today and not caught up with the conversation yet . Again , this question was directed to Angie using her essentials collection as an example . I realize the idea of 3 navy coats could sound odd or excessive , but I don’t see it that way at all if navy is your core neutral colour . In my climate , I’m wearing a coat of one type or another for at least 6 months a year . I’m not the type of dresser who tosses on an everyday puffer or cloth coat over whatever I’m wearing out to drinks or dinner - even if it gets taken off 1/2 he later . It’s all part of the entire outfit I have at least 5 black winter coats of one type or another , and then a handful of others in pale pink , pale blue , rust , olive , grey , camel and off white . *shrug emoji *

And it’s the bush here in Canada too - lol.