Hi all,

I'm a bit quiet these days because style has slipped to the back burner for me. I did order three things from NAS -- mule sneakers, flip flops, and hand cream. Still waiting on the flip-flops, but after a couple of around-the-house wears, I think the mule sneakers are a keeper.

Otherwise, I'm defaulting to very simple, easy wash items since we're still staying home most of the time, and we're also gearing up to do a lot of camping.

My lightweight hiking shoes are wearing out too quickly -- I busted through the side of one while out a couple of weeks ago, and my higher topped, sturdy hiking boots are somehow bothering my feet this year, after a couple of years of wear. They may be too stiff. So I'm ordering some new hiking shoes and boots from Zappos and crossing fingers that I find some that work in the next two weeks before embarking on the next camping trip.

I got a notification that I had a birthday month coupon from Madewell, so I took the opportunity to order three new V-neck tees from them. I bought those tees in four different colors maybe three years ago, and they have worn so well! But even so, a couple of them are starting to show a bit of pilling and wear, so I chose some new, lighter, brighter colors to help replenish my basic tee collection. The old ones will become sleep tees.

I was interested in a couple of long-sleeve casual tees/tops from NAS but they were sold out before I even had access, so I'll wait on that for now. I have some old ones that will do just fine. I like a good henley style top but haven't found one I like in a color I like yet (trying to not get more black).

I've been momentarily tempted by some items I've seen on others' threads or on the sale sites -- a bomber, more pants -- but I really do not need more jackets, and I can get by with the pants I have now. If I do get more, they need to be good lightweight hiking pants with deep pockets or pockets that zip closed -- I'm annoyed by too-shallow pockets when I'm out for short hikes because I tend to keep my car key or spare memory card for my camera in my pocket, and it's too easy for those things to slip out of shallow pockets when I stoop down to take photos.

So here's my shopping for August:

- mule sneakers
- sporty flip-flops
- hiking shoes
- hiking boots
- new tees
- possibly one more pair of hiking/athletic pants (with deep, cargo, or zip pockets)

I'm writing this mainly to sort out my thoughts and hold myself accountable when something else tempts me. Probably not exciting for anyone to read!