To me a thong vs flip-flop just depends on which country you come from.

There are dressy thongs and dressy flip-flops, but they are all one and the same. Plastic $2 thongs from the supermarket are indeed thongs - the original thong at that!!! I have never heard the word "flip-flop" uttered by an Australian!! A dressed up pair of thongs like the one in the ylf-store is more likely to be called a sandal or a thong sandal though.

Wow I never knew there were such strong feelings about flip flops! For me, rubber (not plastic) Havaiana's are the most practical casual shoe choice in the summer when we spend most weekends on our boat on the lake. They are well made, well padded and come in great colors. Ive had them last for several summers. They slip off and on easily and don't get ruined like a leather sandal would.

I don't think they are ugly

The difference is cultural, I think... American Southerners say "flip flops," but Australians say "thong sandals" or even just "thongs." has both flip flops and thongs.

Siesna Flip Flop Club just has plain 'ole flip flops.

I can't stand wearing flip flops or thongs. They rub my toes and just irritate me. Kind of a relief really because it narrows down my sandal choices. And if you will allow me another mini rant - as a doctor I am shocked and dismayed at the number of people who wear flip flops all day long at like a theme park or something! Foot torture! Future orthopedic surgery consultations! Sweatiness! OK, rant is over.