I am looking for a second pair of white jeans but ever since I started looking at the fit on the back of the thighs I am having a hard time finding good jeans, particularly white.
The background for this realization came when I tried the lovely tomato red Loft cropped flares (not white. i know). They fit beautifully until I looked at the back of the thighs. My husband, who is generally appreciative of what I wear (although not of the expense) pointed out the fit on the back of the thighs. I looked closer and also had him take a picture so I could see better and the love for those pants on me ended. They wrinkled from top to bottom of the thigh. i have never seen so many wrinkles without interruption. I tried two different sizes in both fits, the Julie which is curvy and the Marissa which is average and both fit that way, although the curvy were worse. It was a bummer of realization because the front looked fantastic. Now I cannot stop looking at the fit in the back of the pants.
I did get the Banana Republic Ryans and they fit nicely with barely any back thigh wrinkle, also their seersucker tapered ankle pants fit me well, too.

My question to you all is why do the pants wrinkle in such a way? Do you know of any other pants that may work for my figure? I will show you my Kut Catherines which are a boyfriend fit on everyone else, not on me but I think fit me well although they have a bit of back leg wrinkle. I know that a bit of wrinkle may be unavoidable but let me show you several jeans and hopefully you will point out a solution to me (probably I will return them).

1-2: Kut Catherine boyfriend jeans for reference (not really that fit on me). I have these for two years now. I think they fit pretty well although there is a little wrinkle but just wait till you see the others.

2-4: Current Elliot. The fabric has the loveliest feel and they fit other fabbers beautifully, just not me. They whisker in the front, the waist is big (this can be easily fixed) and look at all the back thigh wrinkle.

5-6: 7 Kimmies. Again, lovely feel of the fabric but whiskering and back thigh wrinkles.

7-8: Kut Dianas: I think these are a better fit than the previous two but still with some wrinkle.

Please do not look at the length so much as at the fit.
My best fit are the non-boyfriend Catherines. Also, I tried different sized of all the jeans abd tge ones I sm showing you ste the best fit.
Can you share any thoughts as to why this marked thigh wrinkle happens? Does it also happen to you? Are there other styles of white jeans that you think would work better for my body type?

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