I agree the nude will still look great (maybe you need some silver Okalas now). I like the juxtaposition between the ladylike shoes and the "tougher" hair. Maybe your eye needs to adjust to that combo.

Forgot to say have a wonderful time.

I thought I'd posted on this... guess not!

I think the nude will be totally fine, but I think the silver ones will be too. And you do need some adjustment time, no question. Don't toss anything comfortable!

As an aside, after avoiding anything remotely beigy since doing the DYT thing, about four years ago, I have JUST ordered the Freebird Quails in a nude colour. I have quite a collection of silver hair bookending shoes, but I also love the elongated leg look of nude.

Angie, thanks.

Elizabeth, this sounds like a bit of a theme. So maybe our eyes just need to adjust. The Okalas are actually on the pale gold side in person yet they still do function as a sort of nude even though my skin is pinkish (who knows how that works...I guess it is the variegation or the silvery "veins" in the shoe....)

I think what I'm also responding to is that my hair now includes more variegation itself -- from quite a dark charcoal to silvery white! Plus some of that stupid gold, still...

Anyway-- I think it appears "busy" to my eye and I need to make adjustments elsewhere.

Suz I think you've gotten plenty of great advice already, plus I'm sure you could guess that as I'm firmly in the "I don't like to bookend my hair" camp I'm all for either pair of shoes I did want to mention that I've a hunch your darker and black footwear is going to "work" better, perhaps without the need to add as much additional darkness, come winter (but who wants to think of that now!). And also all of your fuchsia tones must look brilliant with the silvery hair!

PS I'd also be inclined to hold onto that gold. I personally love to mix warm-cool with my colors and metals, and once your eyes adjust you may find that to be the case as well.

I agree that the Okalas function as a very flattering nude on you and will continue to work with your new (gorgeous) hair. And I would have to see a picture of you wearing gold jewelry, but I an not convinced that the jewelry colour needs to change simply due to the hair. Metal colour is more about skin than it is about hair, and I would bet that large amounts of silver/white metal might wash you out. In the closer picture, your skin still looks warm enough that it would function better with gold.