What a gorgeous dress -- it is elegant and swishy, but the scale and fit are perfect -- dramatic and romantic without overwhelming.

The boots are rich and beautiful -- so glad they work for you!

You look stunning in that dress. It goes perfect with the booties as well as with the three pairs you already have. The other pieces are perfect for you as well, but the dress is simply gorgeous.

Can’t really add to what has already been said.THat dress is heart breaking lay lovely on you and the scarf is gorgeous,looks like you are going to be smashing it style wise again this autumn/winter.

Suz, I didn't buy the periwinkle hoodie. They only had an xs and I normally wear S or M. It's kind of a boucle, which I'm seeing more of, but it still feels so '90's to me. Plus...$$$!

What great finds, Suz! The dress is beautiful on you, really great with the sandals, and I ADORE it with the booties. Wow. Everything looks fab!

And I'm laughing at your "nose jewelry."

Such a great selection, Suz! NAS is good to you! I especially like the slouchy hoodie. Cozy loungewear is important!

Sweet sister! It’s all gorgeous. I love, love, love, the dress with those black boots. Perfection.

How did I miss this? That dress is perfect for you, Suz, just gorgeous.

I finally ordered this dress and it is such a winner! Now pairing shoes with it--possibly the EF Hutton's in raisen since the EF Tilda's were not narrow enough for me. Black is an option too. I've decided to wear this to an October wedding. Always the shoes are the problematical item due to fussy narrow feet that don't take to wearing heels much anymore. Thinking burgundy small crossbody/clutch convertible if the EF Hutton's work. The flower color in beige and subtle coral I hope will take to burgundy!

You killed it again Suz. So love the dress on you, it could go a million different places. Looks like a real workhorse.

So, Suz, I am giving the EF Tilda's another try, ordered the next size down to see if I can get the heel from slipping. For the wedding, still wearing the Maggy London dress and switched to nude low heels that matches the beige/cream color in floral pattern. For rehearsal dinner and Blessing, going more casual with midi purple skirt, black top and maybe the EF Tilda's. Decided against burgundy for ML dress accessories and the raisen in EF Hutton's definitely didn't work. making progress . . . .

Great news, CJ, and these sound like lovely combinations. Crossing fingers that the shoes work out for you.

WOW! Everything is so fantastic here! That dress on you, to die for!
And BTW I really like your hair how it is styled here.
Congrats on a great haul.

Oh Suz,I'm loving your new goodies hun,they are super,XXX

Everything looks promising!

All great!

Suz, you are SO elegant in everything you wear! I aspire to look like that:)