So my Ara patent booties have to go. My plantar fasciitis had improved tremendously to the point where I was wearing the booties again. But since wearing them all day at work on Monday, I have been in significant pain in that left foot again. It's not that the heel is too high (my red SE booties are the same height and no problem) but rather the angle and where the arch of the actual boot is in relation to the arch in my foot. So sad about it but that's life.

I went last night to have a look at shoes for spring - I'm quite restricted now in what I have and can wear with regularity and once bootie season is done, I'm not sure what I will have left to wear. I must have tried on at least 20 pairs of shoes - everything from ankle straps to pumps. Absolutely NOTHING was comfortable. Between the arch support issue, my narrow heel versus my wider forefoot and my ever growing bunions, comfortable footwear is now a major issue for my wardrobe. I finally got a chance to try on the SE Okalas and unfortunately, they are an absolute no go.

In order to achieve the overall aesthetic I'm wanting for spring/summer - clean simple lines, controlled drape with structure, a hint of edge - footwear is a key component. I'm just not ready to live in "frump-a-dump" shoes, you know?

So where do I go from here?