For suntiger's January shopping challenge, I committed to 1 item per month, or 12 items for the year, excluding undies and socks.

I had a few coats on order when I wrote my January update, and ended up keeping the olive borg coat from Zara (along with a leopard skirt). My intention was to count the coat for January and the skirt for February. Done.

But, in what felt like our 327th week of winter, I decided to start editing closets in anticipation of spring (a girl can dream, no?)

When the weather cleared for a couple of days, I hit Goodwill looking for stuff for my two boys and ended up finding a few pieces for myself: a rust colored lace front top ($4), a funky band jacket (it was different and green and only $8; how could I say no?!!), and a burgundy wool coat with a mod tweedy graphic in camel, black, and ivory (pattern pic in finds), on clearance $6. I also succumbed to a snake print H&M skirt while killing time at the mall on a snow day. I am usually much more disciplined and I don't know what happened....

I passed on 13 things during my edit, 4 of which I sold:

  • Mustard turtleneck (BR 2010; pilled)
  • Grey print pullover w/navy heart (GAP 2015?, showing obvious wear)
  • Grey pullover (AE 2015?, showing obvious wear)
  • Red suede ballet flats (Enzo, 2014? hole in toe)
  • Grey suede lace up booties (Nine West 2017, heel too high)
  • 4 solid button-up shirts (JCrew; no longer wear)
  • 2 pairs of jeans (AG; Paige) blew out the knees
  • Tweed blazer (Zara 2013; no longer wear)
  • Plum cardigan (2017; demoted to loungewear)
So, I guess the upside is I reduced my overall number of items, and the sales of my 4 items helped to offset the cost of my H&M skirt and thrifted finds, but I still bought more pieces than I intended to. Six pieces in two months leaves me with only six more allowed for the year, per my own rules. I gotta stay out of the mall until May.... WHERE IS SPRING?!?!?