RobinF, Nathalie Martin, she is based in Toronto. She has a YouTube channel under her name. I actually saw her in Uniqlo on the day Uniqlo C collection was released

I don't look for fashion for 50+. I follow Angie and a few other bloggers and YouTubers. One blogger I like (Style Bee) is in her early 30s. I have followed her for a long time. I have bought several pieces of clothing because of her recommendations. We are similar in size, height and taste. We do have a different colour palette.

Years ago I liked collecting articles and lists on what-not-to-wear at age 40, then 50. Ok, when I was in my 40s the lists said time to give up wearing jeans and black leather jackets. Could any advice ever have been so wrong? 10 years later ok to wear jeans but simple dark blue only. I'm now in my 80s and I wear all kinds of jeans 26 out of 30 days a month. So many pants don't have good pockets for my phone!

Times have changed over the decades. Women are better educated, better on eating and exercising. We could go on and on.

I still follow a few blogs that I followed as the 40s turned into the 50s and so on. Often I'm critical when I see photos of what a blogger says we "should" wear. After reading YLF all these years along with other bloggers who have progressed with me, I like to think we all have a more discerning eye.

The lists still pop up on some websites--what hairstyle, make up, clothing items women over--whatever age shouldn't wear. Sometimes I look for fun.

Anyone seen a blog on what to wear over age 80??

Ha Ms Maven maybe you should write one!

MsMaven I enjoy Penny of Frugal Fashion Shopper blog. She loves to thrift and aims for edgy dressing, borderline gothic. I love her take on other things, health and wellness included. She is in her 70s. I gather that a large number of her followers are 70+. I am in my 50s but enjoy reading her musings.

Not specifically- even though I'm almost that demographic, nor do I specifically look for bloggers of younger ages either. I'm much more interested in wardrobe management than outfit inspiration. My attitude is what to wear after (insert age here) depends on Your body and coloring, Your climate, Your activities, Your personality, and Your comfort- arbirary rules be d@mned

My life has been atypical, no real career aside from music, and no children. I haven't been able to travel much, which a lot of the older fashion bloggers tend to do (often to Paris or New York- which hold Zero attraction for me). I'm also not concerned about aging per se, and welcome "being invisible", which older bloggers seem to worry about a lot. People guess me to be in my early 30s, which I'm sure is much less about my looks than my refusal to grow up

OK, Nathalie Martin is good. Styled some Uniqlo collections in ways that got my attention. Nice High-Low mix.

I am over 50 - I follow mostly Angie - but have also enjoyed other blogs or YouTube channels and now TikTok channels at times.

The age of these people vary as does their style. I do like seeing different styles to my own - the only things I find really off putting is people telling me what is out of fashion, people telling me what I should not wear, or giving disingenuous information - eg the cost of this will be less than a dollar a wear etc..

I have always enjoyed content that is not aimed at me - I loved Agatha Christie as a very young teen and I have been watching Gossip Girl recently for the first time.

Very good point Sal. “Content that is not aimed at me”- indeed, it’s very annoying all the assumptions about what we will like at certain ages!

Unlike searches for other categories, searches for age specific content have been significantly more disappointing.

I always look at your posts and if I saw you out there Irina, I would definitely follow you.

Phoebe, so kind of you! Such a high praise! In the winter I spend such a considerable amount of time wearing sweatpants and a puffer that I doubt I can inspire anyone! LOL
Jenny NZ & Sal, yes to resist any assumptions! Almost all 50+ content is trying to convince me to wear classic style and colors.

I have looked at categories of over 40, over 50, over 60. The higher you go, thd narrower the options, often bringing up just a couple of options.
Overall have not found that too helpful. Kind of swings between very classic/ safe vs sort of “ kooky “ and look at me, I can wear whatever I want.

I wasn’t looking for rules, but more thinking I’d just find outfit examples.

What I’d most like to find is body- type style icons, doppelgänger wearing stuff I like and putting things together interestingly. It’s not that I “ can’t wear” things, it’s just that everything looks different on different people.

I also was looking for “ older faces” and something about body shapes , maybe movement, that are frankly a bit different from 25-30 y/o and I honestly think it does affect something about how the whole outfit looks. Maybe because coloring or features are often softer and sometimes overwhelmed by the clothes, often need no makeup or very minimal compared to what younger women show.

Like Olive Green I might find more inspiration from looking up certain types of clothing I know I like to wear , and maybe finding some new combinations or doing more if this, less of that.

I also like the SYC / outfit creation posts by bloggers like Alyssa Beltempo , and some others, because they’re more about playing with clothes, finding what it is about something that appealed to you but that works for your own shape and existing items.

Then I like wardrobe editing videos when the give actual reasons, not just, I’m tired of this, because the reasons might give me ideas for why an outfit or item isn’t working for me and more focused ideas about how I want to dress, or things to stop shopping for, or what to look for instead.

To Umfrumped’s comment about body-type style icons - I agree!

I like to see bloggers with similar size/shape as me. I get good ideas and sometimes find a new brand that works for my shape.

I’m turning 40 tomorrow. And for better or worse… I just don’t follow the age specific fashion advice. I was wearing pieces from the juniors dept in my mid 30s because I loved the cut and style. like others, I look for style inspiration versus specific rules. I value feeling youthful and ageless. For me, the rules of dressing for age categories doesn’t align with my values. I really don’t even follow any bloggers or style systems anymore outside of YLF.

That said, sometimes as the body changes we need some practical dressing/styling strategies. And I do think those can be helpful— even if I don’t always love that they tend to get lumped together with aging.