I have been feeling the urge to start some sort of fashion challenge for a while. I did Laura's 30 x 30 challenge last year and I learned a lot about myself and my style preferences. However, despite wanting to do some sort of challenge, I couldn't decide on a challenge that would be a "learning moment" for me.

It hit me yesterday while I was reading Janet's post about evaluating her blazer collection and asking herself "why don't I wear this?"

My primary reason for not wearing some of my clothes is that I am "saving" the items. I made the decision yesterday that I am going to wear those items (unless it is a special occasion piece).

My challenge. I am going to plan on wearing not-normally-worn items a minimum of four times a week. I plan on continuing this challenge until my thinking evolves to the point of "why am I saving this, I deserve to wear this" or six weeks (whatever comes first).

If I continue to "save" items during this challenge, then there must be another reason I am not wearing it (i.e., I don't like it). Once that is established, out it goes.

February 14: It is a Sunday. I tend to wear ponte pants and either a tee shirt/sweat shirt on weekends. Today I wore a skirt. I wore my Vince Camuto Ponte Midi Skirt with black Ugg Boots/black tights. I do wear this skirt, but solely as a work skirt. I like it. I was actually excited at the prospect of wearing it casually. (Still wore a sweatshirt).

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