My most comfortable winter pieces are sweater dresses. If it is really cold, an alpaca cardigan can be worn on top. I avoid leggings and even tights unless they are the best choice for the look. A couple of years ago I picked up a grey cashmere open cardi topper and grey cashmere pull on pants to be warm and cozy. I have yet to wear them. That is a good thing because it means I am getting out and about in winter and have not been sick. My feet can get cold, so warm lined slippers are important for inside and lots of wool socks.

I think this is a good idea. Merino is great as it is warm but light. I think you want the cosy on the couch but if you decide to head out to a cafe you throw on a coat and boots and a hat and look stylish.

torontogirl did you just...throw out some thoughts on this thread this morning, head out to the shops, and assemble most of your capsule in less than a day???? I'm in awe! (Seriously, I am such a wheel-spinner. Really well done!)

Yes to polished home clothes! I put some effort into it last year and found that my sunday-hibernation outfit tended to be leggings with a long sleeve tee and a warm cardigan. If I planned to leave the house, I'd be in jeans and a sweatshirt or a cashmere sweater.

If you are looking for snuggly wear, have you tried Barefoot Dreams? Their circle cardigan is my go to extra layer for chilly mornings.

I'm a big fan of having a solid at-home capsule. Your picks look great, and it sounds like you were mega-efficient in your shopping!! Definitely take a look at LLBean, especially for cable-knit sweaters. Flannel and chamois shirts too, if that interests you. Chamois shirts are great because they're solid colour *and* thicker/warmer than most flannel.

It's taken me several years to build up a little capsule of joggers and hoodies (some from Patagonia and some from Everlane), flannel shirts (LLBean and Patagonia), and soft long-sleeve cotton tees (Boden and Uniqlo). I have used a pair of Allbirds Loungers as my house shoes for two winters but they're on the way out; eying a pair of Glerups to replace them...

I made a little project of creating a hot-weather lounge capsule this year by adding four boxy cotton camis and two pairs of wide leg pull-on pants in a gauzy cotton weave. There have been some muggy days this summer when I couldn't stand the idea of pulling on french terry pants even first thing in the morning, so it's proving to be a very useful capsule!

Funny how our minds work in such different ways. I see this kind of capsule as a way to avoid "putting on yoga pants and never taking them off again" I put together a little putz-around-the-house capsule (I usually just call it my pajamas, even though I don't sleep in it) last winter and won't mind putting it on at all this fall. I'm envious that your lifestyle includes cottage visits and weekend hikes, would love to do enough of that kind of stuff to need clothes just for it.

Thanks everyone for all the input!
Sarah, I'm usually not quite so quick on the draw lol ... The mall trip was for my kids, but Roots so happened to have the sale on, and the sweatshirt was SUCH a pretty pink ....
FI, thanks for that perspective ... I always feel so boring compared to the cityfolk ha ... Good to be reminded of my own blessings

TG, no, thank you. I wanted to go see castles for my birthday (which entails a little hike) didn't get up the umph in the dreary weather, so my son has said I get a redo today--but I must get some tasks done and get going--you have rebooted that effort. Thanks!

One more recommendation for a robe-that-is-not-a-robe!

I got this cardigan coat from J Crew in camel last winter and lived in it at home. Cute enough to warrant compliments on the occasions I did take it out and about and supremely comfy. If they restock this fall, I can't recommend it enough!

TG this winter I have been wearing a white knit with stars on the sleeve and my white pants with a black stripe - really just a stretchy track pant. The effect is not so glam on me because I wear them with Ugg boots rather than heels - but I am toasty warm and comfy. If I have to pop out to the shops, I wear a my matchy ankle boots. All items in Finds.

I really like what you have picked and don't think your collection is excessive given how long your winter is.

I like the idea and items a lot for your style.

I’m a little confused by two things, though. Boots for at home lounging? And this is regular very casual attire that you can wear out. No need to just lounge in it Don’t you have this type of clothing covered in your wardrobe already?

You're right on the boots ... They are for out and about. The idea is more loungy, but acceptable for public appearance in the depths of winter. Sweats/leggings are much warmer (when thick) than jeans for the depths, e.g. ... Which I'm then not going to wear with my fine knit Merino sweaters ...sweatshirts are great for layering OVER some of my Merino sweaters (at home) etc ... So it is a bit of a hybrid I think ... It's a very niche wardrobe need, I know! But it makes sense for our January/February especially ... As well as for some of the outdoorsy things we do in cooler fall ...

Aha! I get it much more now. Thanks for explaining. Makes sense.

Notsaf's not-a-robe is beautiful. Mine is perhaps not quite such a looker, but I feel good in it out & about, and the sleeves (narrow at the cuffs) make it easy to wear at home.

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This is a wonderful idea. Although it doesn’t get super cold here, I tend never to use the heat because it’s too drying & I think having a collection to snuggle down in & be OK if I have to walk out the front door, would be great.
Usually it’s just absolutely old tshirts/sweatshirts and leggings for at home. Blah.
I love the pieces/styles you’re choosing and FIIC, ha!!

I think it is a very good idea to pay attention to home lounge wear and I want to do that more also. My home look is quite different than my outdoor look, which is fine with me, but I want to be just as satisfied with it. No specific recommendations due to climate and distance disparities but you are well covered already!

We're lucky our winters are not nearly as severe as the poor buggers who live further north ( we still have people getting around in T-shirts, shorts and thongs... THONGS, bah gum !!! ).

My cosy at home wear is still jeans, slip-on shoes/boots topped with a knit sweater over a T-shirt or skivvy.

Oh, and I love the " FI-IC " acronym

Your capsule sounds very nice.

My cozy-casual items for homewear in winter include:
● "Elevated," patterned sweetpants styles (At present I have polkadots and leopard print)
● Pyjamas pants that are so pretty that noone believe they are pj
● Jeans. (Usually no problem to stay warm when wearing jeans INDOORS here in my part of Scandinavia. Contrary to the biting outdoor temperatures, our houses are fairly warm. )
● Turtleneck and crewneck pullovers
● Thin flannel button-front shirts
● Coatigans
● Big scarves/shawls
● Thin wool socks
● Birkenstock sandals
● Ballet flats

Hi Helena! I was talking with a friend this weekend about birdies slippers - have you heard of them? They are basically a dressy version of a house slipper... I thought of you and wondered if they could work for both WFH and cozy footwear?!

I highly recommend Lulu's lined Studio pants. They are cozy, comfy, and yet (imho) are totally fine if you need to do a quick run out somewhere. Look much less loungey than sweatpants.

Also suggest finding a cashmere hoodie if you can. I got the Boden one on sale last year, and even though I don't "do" grey, I love it. Awesome way to up the lounge style quotient.

Throw on some winter lined Cons and you're good to go

Oh you meant for out and about casual wear when its too cold to care! For me that would be ponte pants, low heeled or snowboots, sweater, coat, grouchy attitude!