suntiger, I honestly can't think of anywhere in the state that is never in danger of fires. There's even a fire burning in the Mojave right now.

Suz, you know, I haven't been wearing loungewear at all through this. Dressing for comfort...yes. I haven't touched a belt since March, and wear shoes so seldom that I'm surprised by new and exciting blisters every time I go for a city walk (even my exercise tends to come in the form of yoga or barefoot beach walks). Most of my regular clothes are suitable for hanging out at home, though, because that's where I spend most of my time, anyway.

Joy, J.Jill doesn't operate under the same ethical ideals as Eileen Fisher, so I'm comfortable spending a bit more for the real thing, knowing the company values. I've seen it NWT on eBay, though, so I might keep an eye out there.

Sal, those are definitely the same elements I was thinking of, along with softer, distressed finishes and Western details.

Lovely colours for you. My faves are the more terracotta/cinnamon booties and the olive backpack.
I can’t think about spring/summer for us at all even though we count spring as starting 1 September here. I have put on a shortsleeved T-shirt for the first time in months today though with my lounge pants as although still winter it is warmer inside.
I still have so many clothes that I like and that are suitable for spring that I have no need to buy anything. Doing well on getting wears up- very few tops, pants or cardigans that don’t have 30 wears. Dresses are a different matter, nowhere much to wear them since we are back in a lockdown presently and I don’t like them at work.

The colors and designs all look so you. You mean the combination of your three style directions I guess. And I also find a short puffer the most practical for our cool but not cold, often wet, winters.

JenniNZ, that's amazing that so much of your wardrobe is now over 30 wears! What discipline that's taken! As you probably know, about 50% of my wardrobe has gotten to that point, but since it's constantly rotating, I don't know how much higher than that it will ever go. I guess it depends how well my more recent purchases hold up over time.

I really love the look of those orange-y booties. My inner debate, though, hinges on how well that color would really work with my winter wardrobe. I have terra cotta in my closet, but it's mostly summer-weight linen. That's why I collected the tan version as well. Maybe more practical.

shevia, yup. I literally made up those three style categories while typing that reply, but they ring true for me, and I'm suddenly really interested in exploring the overlap. A sporty puffer maybe doesn't fit into any all that well, but they're so darn convenient.