Katerina, I tend to wear a similar palette year round. I don't wear my woolly tweed blazers in the Spring, nor my woolly scarves, very black items, or heavy earth tones.

Spring can be colder than Autumn! So I do wear wool and cashmere - but in Spring colours.

For example, these items from my wardrobe are for Autumn & Winter ONLY - not Spring. It's a psychological thing more than anything:

Oh yes Angie, these items really FEEL autumn/winter rather than spring. Thank you for sharing.

BTW, Angie, do you wear your gold colour Chelsea boots in the autumn or are they for spring only?
I would wear them all seasons (if weather allows) - but then I am not so good at seasonal...

Ah, you mean these? I wear them in the Spring & Autumn

Angie, yes, they are fabulous!

My spring and autumn wardrobes are interchangeable, and small. Our transitional seasons aren't long (especially because my personal classification involves TWO summer seasons; "pleasant summer" and "hot summer") and are the only time that I'd wear things like 3/4 sleeves (ie things that can only be worn without toppers). Lighter cardigans would be another feature of this time.

My work clothes are similar all year with the exception of tops, hose, footwear and of course outerwear.

My colour palette, and transitional wardrobe is very small, and differentiating between autumn and fall would leave me with about 1 or 2 items to wear for each season!

I feel drawn to very different color palettes in spring vs. fall--but I look very good in traditional fall colors, so I like wearing them. I look more washed out in lighter colors, which I associate with spring.

In spring, I like to wear pastels (pink, mint, lavender) grounded with a darker neutral. In fall, I gravitate toward gray, black, dark brown, toffee, burgundy, and mustard. Yum!

I wish I could wear the same pieces for fall and spring, since that would save some wardrobe space (and some money!). But I personally find that many colors that feel "right" in spring don't feel right in fall, and vice versa.

Anne, your 2 summers make so much sense! Why can’t you wear toppers with things that have 3/4 sleeves?

I hate the sensation of bunching around my elbows!

I do the same as you. Spring and Autumn here are similar temperature-wise (chilly/warmish) therefore there are clothes that I wear in both seasons. It's t-shirts worn with cardigans, light jackets, thin wool sweaters, cotton pants, closed shoes. I have a preference for light colors therefore I try to keep the outfits light-colored, but it is not always possible of course. I recently found a pair of white/silverish slipons that will be perfect for Autumn. I'm so happy! Light-colored Autumn shoes have been a HEWI for me for a looong time.