So far, I've committed to 6 new items for fall/winter: an amber knit top, matching tiger scarf and socks from Madewell; a pair of washed black jeans from Everlane; a pair of black canvas Chelsea boots (lighter and more flexible than my go-to Blundstones, perfect everday casual shoes until there's snow on the ground); and a Skagen watch purchased at a ridiculously deep Labor Day discount (identical to the one in Finds, but with a black face instead of white). It allows me to teach classes without using my phone to keep time! Major upgrade.

My return rate is significantly lower than past seasons. I did decide to return the Ecco boots I bought over the summer because just wearing them around the house I was disappointed in how slippery the outsoles were. I know from experience that boots with poor traction will never get worn in my icy/snowy climate. I'll always reach for something else. I also tried Boden's ribbed turtlenecks, but the shoulder seams were very bulky and lumpy on my shoulders, not a clean fit, so back they went.

I have not yet cut the tags on my new Boden cropped cords, since they just released a pair of chestnut-brown bootcuts (!) In the same fabric. I'm wondering if I should see if the bootcuts fit as well as the ankle pants do, and if so, exchange? Or perhaps stretch my budget and keep both? Brown and boot cut feels fresh; would be nice to have more full-length pants.

My shopping is just about wrapped up for the season,except I will keep looking for a couple of the aforementioned layering tops/turtlenecks.

I would also like to add something to my holiday/dressy capsule, and several dresses and shoes have caught my eye this season, so I will probably order a few things to try and see if there are any keepers. I also would not say not to a chunky bold necklace or bracelet/cuff (I have no bracelets!), but I am a very slow/picky accessory shopper.