I've always felt drawn to heavier fabrics in winter for my skirts--wool and velvet, mainly. The only problem is that a lot of wool skirts seem to be in gray, and I'm very tired of gray. I want some more exciting skirts for winter. But when I think about wearing a lighter-weight skirt, like a polyester skirt, with thick leggings under it, it just seems wrong from a visual standpoint. My eye wants to see the heavier fabric. It's kind of like wanting to see a creamy, more ivory color than optic white in the winter, if that makes sense.

For those of you who live or have lived in extremely cold climates, do you prefer heavier-weight fabrics for your skirts? Or do you not have a preference for fabric weight, instead relying on underlayers to keep you warm? In short, am I being too picky? Do I need to try lighter fabrics and let my eye adjust?