I placed an order a couple of days ago for the featherweight boyfriend merino turtleneck (among other things including a one-piece swimsuit that came out to $13.00 with the sale and 30% off promo code). I really hope it fits since it was a final sale item. I don't do much shopping at J Crew so wasn't sure on the sizes. My sister's husband is a huge J Crew fan and does most of his shopping there so I asked him what sizes to get. I'll find out next week how well he guessed.

Gee, thanks a lot for this reminder, Angie. (I shouldn't have looked!) You know which one I'm still eying--the olive crew neck! It's going to be a long winter, several months of sweater weather ahead, right?

Marianna, thanks for letting us know. We are looking into the problem. Lets see you in a high-low style. xo

Sveta, a size down on the high-low jumper would be great. I'm not that partial to the shade of light blue though. A little sweet, maybe? Try another colour. Can't WAIT to see the cream jumper with the culottes. xo

Sharan, the olive jumper has your name on it. xo

Sarah L, there are many J.Crew fans on YLF - me included. We can usually tell you how something will fit.

Angie - I'm sure you and other fabbers could have helped me out but I had a short window to shop in (I was home with a sick kid and online shopping while he napped) and wanted immediate help. Plus, since none of you have ever seen me in real life, I wasn't sure how well you'd be able to guess my size.

Sara, in my experience, Angie's brilliant at guessing size even when she hasn't met you. If you give her your measurements and she has seen a lot of your photos, she is spot on.

Suz - I'm sure you're right. Angie shops for a living and I'm sure she's very good at it. I hope my post didn't sound insulting. I just meant that going back and forth with measurements would take time that was in limited supply.

(Thanks, forever sweet Suz).

Sara, good heavens. You couldn't sound insulting if you tried. (((HUGS))). OF COURSE it makes sense that you were in a rush and asked sis's DH for size advice. But if you ever need a size and fit guide, I am usually able to help out quite accurately. Hope the t-neck works out. xo

Thanks for these tips, Angie. I just picked up the BF t-neck in navy. At that price it was hard to resist!

Thanks Angie, if you don't think this blue is good for me then back it goes for sure! I am not sure I like other colors enough though: pink may be not a good shade for me and also too sweet? Brighter blue may be fine but I already have quite a few blue sweaters...
Maybe I should instead get one of these chunky turtlenecks in toffee? Or burgundy?

Then we will be twins, Viv.

Sveta, the Cambridge t-neck SANS cabled sleeves is better than the other style. I vote burgundy.

Gah! The BF turtleneck in navy continues to elude me. I just saw it come back in a medium but that's it. Perhaps I should stalk it. I thought once things were gone they'd be gone, but I have 0 experience with JCrew. I'm assuming I'd be a small - Angie - do you think medium would be too big for me? I'm thinking so...

ETA - oops it's gone again too. Maybe I'll just check the JCrew website periodically.

Jackie, keep stalking. Things come back into stock pretty frequently. You will need an S. xo

Ooh, I have not thought of a difference cabled sleeves can make - thank you Angie! So I will try this one when it comes on sale again (I hope). Do you think this color should work with cream jeans and culottes? I know it would work with grey and black and Express navy/red shadow plaid but was not sure if it would be too stark with cream?

Jackie, this is ridiculous: I looked 30 min ago and BF t-neck was available in 5 or 6 colors and multiple sizes - now it is just in one color in 2 sizes - crazy! They are going fast!

Yes, Sveta. The burgundy is going to look great in ALL those combinations. xo

Angie, I didn't order the crewneck yet, but I would guess XS is my size, going by the measurements. Do you agree?

Hmmm. I might have popped you into a S, Sharan. What size do you usually wear on top?

Sharan, it does run big. I got L and would need M as L is just too big.
I would say: go with your usual size.

I got the JCrew merino boyfriend turtleneck in a pretty teal/aqua color. It really is soft, even for the most sensitive of skins!

I'm guessing this means the quality of their cashmere is good at the moment? I'm eyeing a hoodie. I'm 5'8" and currently around 170lbs, a size large at Banana Republic. Should I go for L or XL?

I go between XS and S. In most brands, I wear a 2 on top, 4 on bottoms. My coats are all size S, though.

Maybe I should wait and see if I can try it on in a few days. I'll probably get to a mall once when I'm away. Or order one and exchange in person if it doesn't fit.

Thanks Angie miss you & YLF too.

Janet - I was having the same issue as you. I think it's just the sale items that receive the additional 30% off after reading the details on the top of their site.

Thanks for the info, Angie. I'll continue to keep an eye on the site (as if I don't already do that all year round anyway;-) And I forgot to say earlier that I'm so excited that you finally have the pieces to wear the red jumper and coat combo. It is going to look amazing!

Sveta - The pointelle jumper is stunning on you! I'm fainting just thinking about how it will look with your gorgeous culottes, oh my. Loving the sound of the burgundy cable turtleneck jumper for you (we'll be jumper twins again if mine in ivory works out for me). Burgundy and cream is a super chic colour combo, so I can't wait to see you sport the jumper with your culottes and cream jeans.
And how I wish I could wear toffee, I would have snapped up the asymmetric zipper sweater in toffee immediately then. I tried the grey-blue one, but didn't like the darker grey near my face, so I returned it. I really would love an asymmetric zip pullover though, and am worried that my window of opportunity has closed. But I'm not giving up yet, and will keep an eye out for one in a colour that is flattering for me.

Oh what a great list of pullovers. I haven't looked at JCrew in a while, so this is a nice reminder to do so. I've had great success with their cashmere in the past.

Ariadne, J.Crew cashmere is divine, and I'm guessing an L.

Sharan, I think an S in that style.

Thanks, Saint Inge. xo

Inge, maybe you should get the pointele sweater in lilac - just saying I am wearing it today with taupe striped wide leg trousers and python booties - soft edge again!
Apparently I should not wear toffee either if Angie said to get burgundy sweater instead..oh well! I really wanted to get a sweater in toffee color to wear with white..
Crossing fingers the ivory t-neck works for you - which size did you get? I think I will wait until they have a sale on it again and then I pounce!:-)

Well I've been stalking and last night a heathered bark Tneck in small came back in stock so I pounced (just before I fell asleep too - but then was so excited I couldn't sleep).

....Lo and behold I got another email saying my order is cancelled because they ran out. Oh well. Not meant to be. It's kinda becoming like a game for me, though. Mind you, I also feel like I'm losing this game. Hey you win some and you lose some.