Wow, wool and completely lined??? Sounds a gem, think they would be too hot for me, but so happy for you- they also have some great colorways, both.

Super cute pants and look great on you! It's always a good sign when you have to wear it right away

Also, the blush boots are paler than I expected. Is the photo color true to real life?

What a nice find for you. and even better to find two, plus marked down. Though my life doesn’t call for wool pants, I do enjoy the way they drape and wear.

What a lovely collection of pink things to wear and very nice pants.l couldn’t wear them as I am wool sensitive but they look fab on you.

Another "better than the model" , they look great and I like the fresh look of the check type pattern and the colors. Checks can seem easier to wear than plaid.

Wow Angie, how fab are these pants on you?!?! Not surprising you wore them immediately - they look AMAZING on you!

Thanks for the kind words, ladies!

Anchie, I think they'll need a little waist adjustment to be absolutely perfect, so that's next on the list. Maybe for you too. I'd say TTS other than that.

RobinF, the light is so bad at this time of year. Dark at 4.30pm. The boots are a little more pink in person - like the stock photo.

Nadya, lovely to see you chime in. I miss your outfits. YES, I can wear turquoise with these pants!

Slimcat, I miss the days that most wool pants were lined too

Blue and brown are back! The combo looks fresh! Happy to see you wearing the combo, and beautifully! The blue and brown color combo reminds me of the early 2000s, before grey and black became the dominant neutrals for a loooooong time.

I love a good stretch wool pant - happy for that you found these! Pink boots are really nice too!

These suit you perfectly Angie!

LOVE! The boots are great too - I got some new Frye boots myself recently.

Beautiful, the pink check looks gorgeous too. Those boots are so lovely too.

I love these pants, and how the pink boots match perfectly but are much less expected than e.g. taupe.

Thanks so much, ladies!

The waist is being altered at the moment - my dry cleaners who is open and a block down the road can do that safely and easily. I'll have them back on Tuesday and look forward to wearing them

I am excited about the pink....