Here you go, shiny. Definitely a crew neck.ETA - That said it's a high crew neck. It covers my collar bone.

Those are terrific, Christina! Thanks, Angie. I don't need them now but they are good to keep in mind!

Christina, thanks for showing us. They look GREAT, and fit deliciously over your curves.

Mine are waiting for me in Seattle....

Mine arrived yesterday. I ordered both small and medium. That said the small was very fitted and too vavavoom. The medium's were a better fit - not a clingy. The down side of the medium is they are a tad longer. However, I like the stretchy feel of the fabric. They are not what I would call "substantial" or a heavier knit. They are however, nice. I consider them a "lighter knit". I live in southern California so they work for my climate. Also, they are very easy to tuck or semi tuck due to the lack of bulk. I tried them with a couple of new pairs of high rise jeans as well as with my work outfits = blazer + trousers and with some skirts. They work for me so I will keep. FYI I purchased green (new fun color), red, white and the striped.

Too bad, not available in EU BR store. Maybe they will come. I usually buy very similar tops in Zara every season but quality is not that great, they don’t last even the whole season.

mtsofthemoon, GREAT. Thanks for the fab review. The green is going to be gorgeous with your red hair!

Thanks, and I 100% agree with mtsofthemoon's assessment of the weight and fabric. Getting the larger size was the right choice for me, too, as they skim the body very nicely indeed.

Christina & Mtnsofthemoon, I HOPE it's the same fabric as last year - haven't seen the tops in person yet because I'm in SLC. Much more substantial than a tee. The fabric has heft - and tees don't.