Bummer! Maybe if you contact them, tell them you were a fit model, etc. they will either hold the first return for you, or hold a pair when they re-release them. Good luck!

Thanks for sharing your experience. Although we have different body types (I am curvy, but a similar size), I have found that the best jeans mysteriously fit a range of body types due to cut perfection and excellent fabrics. So I would give these a chance too. Don't get the sold out thing either. It could be a marketing strategy.

What fun! And how interesting. I wish someone would ask ME to test some clothes, hehe...

Awe! Lack of sleep and stress do tend to make things feel worse. But of course it's upsetting when you have your heart set on something and it doesn't work out. Hopefully a pair will make it's way to you before too long.

I went by the store with basically no luck -- I updated my original post above. I'm honestly pretty annoyed at Everlane. I spent 30 minutes trying on jeans on the understanding I could order via the store, only to find out at the end that there's no way to order the boyfriend jeans (and no clue if they'll restock those). The other jeans are all being restocked September 28.

TBH I'm pretty "meh" about this collection now that it's released. I appreciate the minimal distressing, but that's pretty par for the course considering Everlane brands itself as minimalist. I guess I was hoping that at least one model would look a little more like the great vintage-y pairs they often show their models in -- higher waisted, slightly loose fit, perfect faded wash. I always look at their photo shoots and think, "ooh, those jeans are great" -- but none of these jeans are those jeans. Sigh.

Also -- it looks, from the size chart, like the calves on all of these are sooo skinny. I'd have to go up several sizes and have the whole waist/seat taken in to make even the boyfriend cut work. I realize that being a size 25 with 14.5" calves might make me an outlier, and maybe I'm less tolerant of skintight fits than others are.

Fingers crossed that the black boyfriends materialize for you! (Also, Everlane's OOS/backorder system makes *no* sense to me.)

La Ped, I agree - their models always have the coolest jeans.

I have 14" calves and used to be size 25 (with the same calves back then) and I agree, skinnies can be a pain (sometimes literally). Sometimes they're just too skinny, and sometimes they fit me in the calves per se but with no extra give. Thinking about it, I wonder if that's why my knees get sore in skinnies.

For what it's worth, I tried the bf jeans in 25-27 and none of the sizes were too tight in the calves. Not saying you should rush out and buy them, just for references.

All this time I'd been admiring the jeans on their models and thinking maybe I hadn't found them because I hadn't looked in the right place! Or had missed an entire collection! I love those very wide-leg ones. Only now I realize from what you are saying that they were never for sale.

Woohoo, now they're restocking the ones I want in early November. I'm on the waitlist (but that's not a real pre-order, just an email to say they're in stock, I assume).

Oh - I hope you get them!!!