Can it be that silver studs, gray pearl studs, and watches are my only *Essentials*?

I have lots of earrings, but those studs are the ones I wear most and would replace if anything ever happened to them. I wear a watch daily and have various styles.

I buy stuff that other women consider *essential*, but I could truly get dressed if one or more disappear from my wardrobe such as blue jeans, black jeans, black pants, any type of shell, etc.

I am a pretty maximal dresser and like to pattern mix but mostly in neutrals. Can I say as essential:

Gray patterned jeans
Patterned socks and hose (but mostly black and gray)
Nail polish in non-traditional colors (but mostly black and gray)
Scarves to keep my neck warm (but in mostly black and gray patterns)

Years ago, I was a classic dresser. Since then, I've rebelled and have increased my wardrobe size so I have many, many choices. Bad thing?