What shoes do you prefer for travel / standing long periods?

I have some Spenco slides that I love, and I'm looking for some additions. My Mephisto Allrounders are pretty good, with some Scholls gel insoles in them. Tevas work well for me, but I need a closed toe solution. (I haven't yet tried the Teva find I've appended)

Crocs and Birkenstocks didn't work for me (finds appended for other folks); my narrow foot has a high arch and long toes, with a high instep. It's a very pretty foot, aesthetically, but not practical for fitting into shoes with a ridge at the toe (Birks).

I'll be trying some Keens,the Teva and the Ahnu. What else should I look for?

I was surprised to not find more than one thread in the Forum history.