I absolutely love my Equipment cat shirt and I've been taking it to a "green" dry cleaner, however, I did just buy some Laundress soap products (one for silks and another one for cashmere and wool) and I wondered what you were doing to bathe your kitties (if you have the same one I do) or other Equipment shirt(s)? I've only mentioned this brand, because I did have some less-than-satisfactory results with two Nexx silk blouses, which now prompted me to return to dry cleaning.

Do you dry clean your silk Equipment shirt(s) or wash them on a delicate cycle in a garment bag? I am concerned about changing the finish of the shirt, although I know from pm'ing Suz that she has had no problem washing her cat shirt, air drying and then ironing to bring back the nice, soft silk texture.

I'm curious as to what others of you doing with yours?

Many thanks!

Vicki ^_^